Customized Landscape Design with your personal interests in mindô

Specializing in Waterfalls, Ponds, Perennial Gardens & Paver Patios

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All Programs Include the Following:

Pond Filtration Maintenance & Debris Removal
Spring Filter Installation or Reconnect
Water Clarity Chemicals
Micro-Organic Chemicals
Pond Salt added Twice per year or as needed
Seasonal Pond Net
Minor Repairs
Winter Filtration Removal or by pass
Any Additional Services are Billed at $95.00 per Hour plus Materials
We run most of our client's ponds ALL YEAR.
The running water won't freeze, but so no problems with
ice or water lose arrise it must be looked after.
As well as essential chemicals, full year maintenance of pumps and filters
is very important for the health of the ecosystem of your pond.
Our ponds all have clear water and most have Koi fish.
Some ponds may need upgrades before they can be properly maintained.

Additional Services by Request:

Vacuum Pond Cleaning - $150.00 per hour Including Chemicals
Maintenance & Repair Visits - $95.00 per hour plus Materials
Consulting Fee - $75.00 per hour
Low Voltage Lighting Installation - $175.00 per hour plus Materials
Other Landscaping needs Billed at a Rate of $80.00 per hour for labor of the following:
Installation of trees and plants as well as topsoil and mulch distribution.